Homeschooling 101 MP3 Part 1


We’ve created this two-part set of considerations and getting started in your home education journey, no matter when you begin. Here are the first 20 talks from national and local speakers addressing the most notable thoughts and issues on why, how and expectations.

Format is a ZIP file containing MP3 audio tracks (581 MB download).

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Speakers and Talk Descriptions

Are You Trying to Make Your Homeschool Like School by Todd Wilson 2014

Capturing the Vision by Kevin Swanson 2009

Education Is A Discipline by Cori Dean 2017

Education Is Life by Cori Dean 2017

Charlotte Mason-Re Educating Us as Teachers by Heather Lasko & Sherrie Hesse 2016

Education Is An Atmosphere by Cori Dean 2017

Creating An Educational Philosophy by Diana Rolston 2017

Eclectic Approach by Robin Gilman 2013

Education And Worldview by Voddie Baucham 2013

Homeschool 101-The Adventure of Home Education by Diane Geerlinks 2008

Homeschooling-The Solution to out Education Problem by Jay Wile 2015

How are Homeschool Graduates Doing by Jay While 2015

I Am Deciding To Home Educate Now What by Jacki Knight 2019

Learning Styles by Annette Hart 2016

Path of Life Parenting by Clay Clarkson 2008

Research on Home Education Adults Just Released by Paul Faris 2011

The Battle for the Child by Paul Farris 2008

The Importance of Unstructured Play by Jake Zwart 2016

Why We Home Educated and Why We’d Do it Again by Mike Goheen 2009

Why Homeschool by Shayne Wyler 2015