Home Education 101


A Mentoring Program For New Homeschoolers

Parent Workbook-Canadian version by Vicki Bentley

This huge 208-page resource gives excellent, proven practical wisdom!



Table of Contents

Session 1: Beginning the Incredible Journey
Pre-trip planning checklist
Charting the course
Where do we go from here?
Set goals for your children
Gather supplies
Travel budget—What does this cost?
On the road—some practical tips
Roadblocks to avoid
Help along the way
Glossary of terms
Suggested resources
Joyful homeschooling
Records to keep

Session 2: Choosing Curriculum
What should I be teaching?
Choosing curriculum
Five focused study areas
Ten rules of thumb
Navigating the used curriculum route
Catalog list –for starters
What’s your worldview?

Session 3: Organizing Your Time
Time management for busy parents
Lesson planning
Basic time management for homeschool
A day in our house
More samples

Session 4: Home Education with Style
Learning styles
Know your students
Five models of learning styles
Five children, five personalities
Finding the gift in your child

Session 5: Getting Dinner on the Table (The Same Day You Homeschool)
Do-ahead dinner ideas for busy families
Resources and recipes

Session 6: Testing and Evaluations
Testing and evaluations
Standardized testing
Commonly used tests
Grading tips

Session 7: Teaching Tips
Tips for various subjects
Multi-level teaching (more than one child)

Session 8: Organizing Your Home
Five key questions
I know it’s here…somewhere
I’ve tried filing, but it just keeps piling
Tidy room checklist
Basic filing guidelines
Removing clutter
Suggested resources

Session 9: Lessons Learned!
How did you do?
Troubleshooting your homeschool