Copywork Set – Sassoon Font


Sassoon font is a popular font which has a slight italicized flare, for a smooth transition to an italic handwriting style or tradition cursive. OCHEC Publications is pleased to present our 12 volume set of copywork books designed with Canadian details. Each book includes instructions, colouring page of cover, and 25-30 pages of Scripture and lined section.

The consistent practice of copywork is a natural, gentle, and effective method of teaching penmanship, spelling, grammar, and vocabulary. However, it goes beyond the mechanics of writing and also develops many character traits such as diligence, attention, observation, and excellence. These good habits overflow into composition of writing and speaking. It also gleans the arts of reading and listening, which are vital to the English language, and introduces an appreciation for well written literature. This sets a foundation for the future love of reading, culture and all that the world of books offers. Using the King James Version provides rich vocabulary in the Canadian spelling.

Proverbs is known as the Book of Wisdom; a collection including fatherly advice to his son: the future king. Being as such, discussing themes, issues and mistakes with your child will help them learn of virtue, vice and value. In keeping with the concept throughout the meta-narrative of the Bible, this is to be done with truth and grace.



Manuscript Copywork from The Book of Proverbs

Volume titles:

Discretion & Prudence
Fools & Folly
Godly Character
Godly Speech
Reproof & Correction
Respect for Parents
Reverence for God
Wisdom for Boys
Wisdom for Girls