Exceptional Grace

Exceptional Grace Virtual Conference

Encouragement at hand! May 2021 Conference MP3 soon available.

Moving the Mountains of Every Learner

Our mountains may include physical, learning, and mental challenges, sensitive, environmental, social challenges.  You may see yourself in this place or you may be walking alongside. Let us help one another scale the mountains of possibility. Seasoned speakers and moms encouraging you and your family and friends on how to walk this journey alongside.


Good things for everyone from this conference !

Topics to enhance Parenting, Teaching, Correcting

Haven’t we all looked at our child’s frustrating tendencies and wished we knew what to do to fine-tune and help?

  • Every child has different strengths and weaknesses
  • Teach to your child’s needs with sensitivity
  • Nutrition, sleep, mental health, emotions
  • Relate to our children graciously
  • We all are beginners – we learn every day
  • An unexpected source of help !