OCHEC Annual Convention

Friday, May 3rd and Saturday, May 4th

Redeemer University, Ancaster

The OCHEC annual homeschool convention is a place to renew relationships, be re-energized, and find resources for the coming year. Our speakers this year are hosting workshops on a variety of topics related to homeschooling, including teaching, faith, and family life. Additionally, our vendor hall always has a plethora of curriculum options.

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We’re excited to have you join us this year!

Convention schedule is under development.

All minors attending the convention are the sole responsibility of their parents. OCHEC does not provide supervision of children or youth, or require police checks to be submitted by our volunteers or convention team.

General guideline for the convention schedule:

Friday & Saturday speaker schedules will be made available as soon as possible.

  • Thursday: 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm – FREE intro session to homeschooling for those new to homeschooling
  • Friday: 9:00 am – 8:30 pm – Doors open early; supper from 5:15-7:15 pm; Vendor hall open 10:15 am – 6 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm – Vendor hall open 9:00 am – 4 pm

There is no program for children, but they may attend sessions with parents.

Youth may attend any sessions; those of higher interest for them are marked (Y).

Meals are not included in registration fee. There is a cafeteria onsite. You may also bring a bag lunch, but not order in from outside services. Cafeteria seating may be limited.


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Keynote Speakers

Israel Wayne

Israel Wayne

Israel Wayne is an author, conference speaker, and Director of Family Renewal. He has a passion for defending the Christian faith and promoting a Biblical worldview. His books include Education: Does God Have an Opinion?, Answers for Homeschooling: Top 25 Questions Critics Ask, and Raising Them Up: Parenting for Christians, among  others.  He and his wife, Brook, both homeschool graduates themselves, live in SW Michigan and are homeschooling parents of 11 children.


  • Education: Does God Have An Opinion?
  • Education From A Biblical Worldview
  • The History of the Homeschooling Movement
  • Being Salt & Light Families
  • Is Homeschooling Just for Women?
  • Answers for Homeschooling: Top Questions Critics Ask

More detail on each talk can be found here

Rebecca Spooner

Rebecca Spooner

Rebecca, homeschool mom of five kids, creator of Gather ‘Round Homeschool, owner of Homeschoolon.com, and author of the More Than Words Bible curriculum, is a second-generation homeschooler who is passionate about sharing her successes and failures . Join her for stories from the trenches of homeschool life—a testimony of God’s goodness. She shares not a 5-step plan to success, but rather a clarion call to rise up and take our rightful positions with confidence so that we might do the good work that God has called us to do.


  • Revival in the Home
  • Who do You Answer To?
  • Homeschooling for the Future
  • Raising Teens
  • Confident Homeschooling
  • TBD


Early bird rates until April 9, 2024

2024 Speakers and Sessions

  • Mary-Ann Meyer: Nature
  • Shelley Saunders: Book Clubs/Reading Encouragement
  • Richard Saunders: Teen Discipleship
  • Brigette Vanhuisstede: Plans/Purpose & Crushed Spirit
  • Lindsay Tadros: Phonics 101 & Writing Workshop
  • Phil Tadros: Spiritual Formation & A Father’s Role in Homeschooling
  • Cori Dean: High School Transcipt Help & Homeschooling Teens/High School Years
  • Pamela Beal: Gameschooling & How to Teach Drama
  • Vanessa Brobbel: Learning Differences & Thrive & Unsubscribe Talks
  • Jil Koller: For Newbies & 1000 Hours Outside
  • Stacey Weeks: Why Do We Fight? (homeschool/faith)
  • Janice Kaikkonen: Homeschool/Political
  • Lisa Adamson: Navigating Life Changes/Faith
  • Christine Dittmann: Large Family Homeschooling
  • Odelia Chan: Life After Homeschooling (for highschoolers and grads)
  • Nicole Richards: Entrepreneurs- for parents of teens
  • Chelsea Dyan: From Chaos To Calm – Organizing Your Homeschool
  • Sarah Hornblower: Mental Health Talk & Special Needs Homeschooling (long term vision)
  • Andrea McEnvoy: How Hard Can It Be (parent interactive workshop to experience how difficult learning challenges can be) & Different Learning Styles – How to Teach to Them
  • Klaske Kroesbergen: New To Homeschool & Mom Encouragement
  • Chandra Jagt: What is Charlotte Mason?
  • Alice Horrocks: How To Teach Math
  • Diane Geerlinks: Special Needs/Learning Challenges
  • Cheryl Nelson: Homeschooling as a Minority & Homeschool for the Long Haul (high school/encouragement)
  • Rowan Atkinson: History – How to Teach
  • Rachael DeBruin: Prayer
  • Stephanie Dixon: Chronic Illness: Homeschooling With
  • Yana Zyska: Setting Goals Workshop
  • Karen Knor: Multi Level Children/Encouragement
  • HSLDA: Homeschooling Freedoms & Homeschool Fathers Talk
  • Henry Ho: Facing the Challenge of Evolution & the Origin of Man
  • Paula Maretzki: Marriage, Overwhelmed?
  • Laura Page: The Classical Method
  • Francine Bergsma: Homeschool High School- steps from a mom who’s done it

Session Schedule – Friday & Saturday – Coming Soon!

(Note: Friday 2:25 – 4:05 are Vendor Presentations)

Youth may attend all sessions; Y indicates session may be of higher interest.

All minors attending the convention are the sole responsibility of their parents. OCHEC does not provide supervision of children or youth, or require police checks to be submitted by our volunteers or convention team.

Vendors – MORE to COME!

Vendors listed will be at the OCHEC 2024 convention. Link to these and other vendors here.

  • Cantaro Institute 
  • Canadian-A Educational Resources / Headphone History 
  • Lithos Kids  
  • Speak life Badges Austin’s Kids Club 
  • Kerusso T-shirts, Living Books
  • Learning House / Maple Tree Publications
  • NILD Canada 
  • Usborne Books
  • South Haven Press 
  • Reformed Book Services  
  • Thousand Generation Print Co.
  • Advanteg Products/Letterland
  • Creating History
  • ARPA
  • Inheritance Publications
  • Christian Light Publications
  • Tree of Life Book Service
  • Tree of Life School 
  • NILD 
  • Reformed Book Service 
  • Explore Music theory 
  • BJU Press 
  • The Learning House 
  • ACE Canada
  • Voice of the Martyrs 
  • Gospel for Asia
  • J-Go Learn Inc. 
  • Online Bible – Cross Country Software
  • Coldwater Canada


OCHEC Conventions are a service to the homeschooling community – both to homeschooling families and vendors.

Volunteers make these events possible. Roles we are looking to fill are listed below.

Convention Committee

The Convention Committee organizes the convention. These volunteer roles involve behind-the-scenes work and meetings for several months leading up to the convention, and potentially tasks at the convention itself.

  • Convention Coordinator-in-Training: Work alongside our coordinators with the goal of taking the lead – a decision-making position involving keynote speaker selection, speaker and facility negotiations, and leading a great team of volunteers in a myriad of challenges!
  • Facility Coordinator-in-Training: Can you hang a sign, organize a timetable, delegate jobs, and get along great with a bunch of teens? Don’t miss this opportunity to use your skills.
  • Publicity/Print Coordinator: Work with a team to reach out to the larger community and to prepare the on-site guidebook
  • Publicity/Print Coordinator-in-Training: Assist and learn at the same time, using your publicity and marketing skills
  • Registration On-site Support: Assist in tasks delegated by our registrar – may include badge preparation, filing, processing attendees, etc.
  • Vendor Hall Assistant: Assist in tasks delegated by our vendor hall coordinator – may include reviewing data, communicating with vendors, planning the vendor hall layout, selecting vendors, etc.

Ready to serve? Volunteer sign-up here!

On-site Convention Roles

These roles involve volunteering at the convention itself and require little involvement beforehand. Indicate an interest in volunteering on your registration form, or use the sign-up link above. You can also connect with the volunteer coordinator at her desk during the convention itself.

  • Session Monitors: your registration form asks you to consider helping out in a very small but vital aspect of the convention – every session requires two volunteers in the following roles:
    • Door Monitor: Check that the door sign is correct, short surveys are on each chair, and surveys are collected at end of session.
    • Timekeeper Keep track of time remaining and notify the speaker at certain times, also report count of attendees to the convention team.
  • Vendor Hall Monitor: In addition to the session monitors, volunteers are needed for shifts to watch the vendor hall entrance throughout the day and ensure that those entering have registered and also are not carrying any food, etc.
  • For teens: Our facility coordinator will be looking for a stash of teens to put to work. Is this your student?


  • Not your year to volunteer? Consider job shadowing someone for next year! Our senior volunteers are retiring after many years of service, and they would love to have you step up beside them now and learn the ropes.

For more information on any aspect of volunteering, contact us below!

Email: info@ochec.org

Phone: 519-608-2332

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