OCHEC Annual Convention

Friday, May 3rd and Saturday, May 4th

Redeemer University, Ancaster

Keynote Speakers

Israel Wayne

Israel Wayne

Rebecca Spooner

Sample of 2023 Speakers and Session Topics

  • Friday
    9:00- 10:15 am
    – Connie Albers: Parenting and Homeschooling beyond the Rules
    10:45-11:45 am
    – Connie Albers: Homeschool with Confidence
    – (Y) Calvin Smith: The Race of Man
    – Robin Gilman: Getting a Good Start
    – Stacey Weeks: Words that Give Life
    – Cori Dean: Choosing Curriculum
  • – Michael Thiessen – Christian Faith as the Foundation of Education
  • – Chap Bettis: Discussion group on Prodigal Children (not recorded)
    1:15-2:15 pm
    – Chap Bettis: Gospel Truths that Homeschoolers Forget
    – Joanne Kress: Teaching a Biblical Worldview
  • – Joanne Schreuders: Organizing Your Space
    – (Y) Paula Maretzki: Family as Economic Unit
    – Mary-Lou MacLean:  ADHD: Disease, Normal Childhood or Something Else?
    – Sharon Michel: Creating Your Own Unique Homeschool Group
  • 2:25-4:00 Sports Dome (Y 12 and up) Ultimate Frisbee & Soccer
  • 2:25-3:10 pm (VENDOR WORKSHOPS)
    – Peter Stock: Legal Changes Across Canada
    – Rolf Nanninga: Power to Change Students (older students) Prep for Life at University & College
    – Jacki Knight: Math-U-See No More Tears
    – (Y) Matt Bean: Career Planning and Faith
    – Lynette Bloedow: Canada in God’s Story
    3:20-4:05 pm (VENDOR WORKSHOPS)
    – (Y) Miranda King: Speaking the Truth about Abortion in Love
    – Vanessa Brobbel: Teaching through the Tempest
    – Thomas Bailey:  How do you know? Who was there?
    – Mary-Lou McLean: Transforming Struggling Students into Life Long Learners
    – David Guyett: Connecting the Bible to the World of STEM
    – Peter Lindsay: Writing with Tree of Life
    4:15-5:15 pm
    – Connie Albers: Rules Minus Relationship Equals Rebellion
    – (Y) Calvin Smith: Sharing the Gospel in Today’s Culture
    – Joanne Schreuders: Bringing Learning to Life with Unit Studies
    – Chap Bettis: Patient Parenting- Overcoming your Anger in the Homeschool
  • – Jil Koller – Raising Readers
  • – Joanne Kress: The Big Picture
    – Matthew Turton:  Reading Disabilities: The Missing Link – Grades K through 4
    7:00-8:30 pm
    – Chap Bettis: The Disciple-Making Parent- Raising Your Children to Love and follow Jesus
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