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What We Do

The purpose of OCHEC is to serve the home education community primarily (but not exclusively) in the province of Ontario. This service includes but is not limited to the following:

1. Promoting home education over alternative forms of education.

2. Promoting sound, high quality home education programs which address the spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical needs of children, and contribute to their development of Christ-like character.

3. Providing encouragement and information to those interested in home education.

4. Aiding in the creation and growth of home education support groups throughout the province of Ontario.

5. Obtaining and disbursing information regarding the legal climate for home educating families in Ontario, and in Canada.

6. Advocating for the freedom to home educate in Ontario and in Canada by advising Ministry of Education personnel, elected representatives, and any other appropriate officials on the interests of home educators.

7. Conducting and encouraging home education research and the dissemination thereof.