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First 10 Steps to Home Schooling

  1. Read some "how to" books about home education. (See our Reading List page.)
  2. Locate a local support group, find out about their activities, membership requirements and if you may visit a few times. Our area representatives can help you find a group in your area. (See Contact Us )
  3. Subscribe to a home schooling magazine. For Canadian content consider, Homeschooling Horizons ( http://www.homeschoolinghorizons.com ) or the OCHEC newsletter.
  4. Locate curricula providers and request catalogues. Spend time browsing at home without the pressure of having to buy on the spot.
  5. Attend a curriculum fair or a convention. (See our Upcoming Events page.)
  6. Carefully consider your reasons for wanting to home educate. You will need to be certain of your reasons and be able to stand by them on the difficult days.
  7. If you like to surf the internet, you could join other home schoolers on line.
  8. Familiarize yourself with the laws and policies regarding home education in your province. (See our Legal Issues page.) Consider joining Home School Legal Defence Association.( www.hslda.ca )
  9. Order the OCHEC Getting Started Package. It can help you find much of the information mentioned above. (See our Getting Started page.)
  10. Set realistic, measurable goals for yourself and your children for the first year of home education. Write them down and pull them out from time to time in order to keep yourself on track and to monitor progress. These goals could be in the area of academics, character traits, work skills, physical fitness or any area you believe you need to concentrate on.