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Friday, May 4, 2018
Session Titles & Descriptions
Opening and General Session: Friday 9:00 - 10:15
Auditorium  Dr. Brian Ray
Be Honest: Who Should Be Educating Your Children? - Explores basic philosophy, the importance of parents’ relationships with their children and of guiding them, the biases of what is taught in public schools, and the liberty that families experience when they are involved in homeschooling.
Workshops: Friday  10:45 - 11:45


Auditorium  Woody Robertson     YOUTH
Five Mistakes Parents and Students Make Planning for College - The words affordable, efficient, or effective are not typically associated with college. In this session, we lay out five proven strategies to help you navigate the college process like a professional avoiding the traps to which students often fall prey. These strategies will save you 30-50% on your college costs, up to two years of time, but most importantly will give your student a huge head-start on the competition. Is it possible to get a college degree without debt? We’ll show you how by revealing the secrets colleges don’t tell.
Room 212 AD  Betsy Ray  
Does the Culture Own You? #IBELONGTOCHRIST - First Corinthians 1:12 is one of many scriptures reminding us we are not defined or directed by the cultures of the world. We have been bought with a price (Revelation 5:9). Betsy will talk about cultural influences and share some ideas on how the culture or cultures that own us influence our family life. Especially our marriages and what and how we teach and train our children.


Room 212 BC  Stephen Priddle     YOUTH
Practical Tips for Christian Entrepreneurs and Those Working in Business - Stephen, a veteran accountant and entrepreneur will share biblical and experiential advice and encouragement for entrepreneurs and those working in business. The scriptures speak directly and indirectly to so many related issues. He will keep a home educator’s perspective in his presentation. Those who are thinking about becoming entrepreneurs may also want to come and listen in. 
Room 213  Linda Hoffman 
The Starting Gate - Whether you are taking a peek at this idea of home education for your preschooler, or pulling your child from a higher grade, opening the gate to this educational track can be both exciting and intimidating. What about gaps? Am I going to ruin my child’s potential for university? Where do I start?  Can I do this?  Is homeschooling a positive choice for everyone? AND… the most infamous, What about socialization! With grace, understanding, and a tad of humour, Linda will address these and other questions, to not just help you get started, but to give you strategies, confidence and a realistic outlook to keep going.
Room 210     Christine Gayfer 
Sustainable Homeschooling: build one effective and viable for the long-haul - Why do some homeschoolers seem to begin with passion, energy and strength but too soon feel unable to continue? Why do other homeschoolers seem so steady and able to continue year after year? Ideally, we count the cost of homeschooling and begin once we know how we will afford to do so. Often, though, we don't really know the true costs until after we begin. Whether you are an aspiring, new or seasoned homeschooler, Christine invites you to join her to explore together the myth of 'taking it year by year' and the costs of homeschooling on our children's education, our time, our finances, and our emotions. You will leave with ideas from seasoned homeschoolers to make these costs affordable and allow you to create a homeschool that is sustainable for the long-term.
Room 220   Joanne Schreuders
Bringing Learning to Life with Unit Studies - Did you know that teaching with unit studies could save you a chunk of change on curriculum if you want it to?  Did you know that you can use unit studies to engage/teach all of your children at the same time?  Are your kids hands-on learners?  This might be the route for you.  Joanne will explain to new and seasoned homeschoolers what unit studies are and how you can use them to teach your multi-aged family.  She will share how to make your own unit studies, as well as many practical tips and resources.  Joanne and her husband, Jim, have been married for more than twenty-seven years and have ten children and four grandchildren.  Unit studies have been a big part of their family life over the past twenty-two years.
Room 224  Diane Geerlinks 
Why Homeschooling A Child With Unique Needs Is A Great Choice! - Are you trying to homeschool a child that doesn’t fit the mold? Every child is unique, but some have needs that require more intervention. The labels range from Autism to Down's Syndrome, from ADHD to Vision Impairment to Auditory Processing Disorder. Is it really possible to teach your own child in all of these situations?  In this workshop, we will discuss the pros and cons, hear each other’s real life stories, share available resources and receive some much needed encouragement for the journey! 


Lunch and Exhibitor Hall Shopping: Friday 11:45 - 1:15
Afternoon Workshops: Friday  1:15 - 2:15


Auditorium     Dr. Brian Ray    YOUTH
When A Free Lunch Lunch Isn't Free - “Hi, we are the local government school district and we are here to help you, to give you a free education for your children at home.” Does this positively grab you and comfort you that now all your money and self-doubt worries are over? Or does it send shivers up your spine with visions of Big Brother? It is of paramount importance for everyone to consider who should be in authority over what is taught to the minds and hearts of children. Both the concept of a democratic republic and a Judeo-Christian worldview demand that parents and private, thoughtfully-chosen associations be the only educators. Dr. Ray will challenge you to think through this issue and consider questions such as, Should one person take from another, with the government’s help, to educate his or her own children? Shouldn’t we as Christians care about those less fortunate and back up the government’s benevolent hands? 
Room 212 AD     Woody Robertson
How To Homeschool High School - In this session, Woody practically walks parents through the high school years and provides a fresh look at the unique opportunities of homeschoolers. He’ll talk about dual credit, transcripts, and getting ready for college. But, most of all, he’ll discuss how to escape the conveyor belt of modern education confining a student to a curriculum’s prescribed scope and sequence. Instead he’ll encourage a personalized education which gives students autonomy to learn at their pace and ability, provides hands-on application and ultimately inspire lifelong learners.
Room 212 BC    Robin Gilman
Keeping Your Sanity - Robin, homeschooling mother of ten and author of Stress Free Homeschooling: Getting It All Done and Enjoying It, will share how to keep your sanity while you homeschool, by giving you practical ways to prioritize with some essential firm foundations for your personal, marital, and family life.
Room 213 Kirk Durston 
Scientific and Historical Evidence for Faith in Christ - We are bombarded with claims like, “Jesus never existed” and “As science advances, faith retreats”. Home educators need to prepare their children with a defence of their faith that is both easy to grasp, but also powerful. In this seminar, we will begin with the scientific evidence for a creator and then move into the historical evidence that the Creator is none other than Jesus Christ. The logical and historical strength of the approach presented here will be simple, powerful, and transferable by the parent. Suitable for both parents and older teens. Seminar notes will be designed to be downloaded and used as part of ones' home education curriculum.
Room 210 Cori Dean
Goal Setting and Planning for your Next School Year –  Preparing for the next school year can be a daunting task.  Where do you start?  How do you decide what to study and when to study it?  Are you planning too much or too little? Do your long term goals for educating your children match your short and medium term goals? This workshop will walk you through how to plan for each of your children for an entire school year from writing a vision and goals to finishing with a workable schedule.
Room 220     Large Family Logistics Panel
Whether you feel you've got a large family at three kids or thirteen kids - this workshop will show that homeschooling in a large family can be done with joy!  Not a one-size-fits-all message, hear from four very different moms on how they're thriving as a mother of a "large family".  With plenty of time for Q&A, this is a great opportunity for both biblical encouragement and practical advice!
Room 224   Dual Income Discussion Group
Afternoon Activity: Friday  2:30 - 4:00
Sports Dome      Soccer or Ultimate Frisbee - Justin & Sadie Breg  
“Wow, I Really Regret That Workout.” - Said No One Ever.  You’ve been sitting all morning so here’s an opportunity to move those legs!   Whether you’re competitive or just looking forward to having some fun with your friends – you don’t want to miss soccer and ultimate frisbee!   All ages are welcome. 
Exhibitor Workshops: Friday  2:25 - 3:10
Room 212 AD    Thomas Verduyn - High School History
Why God Wants Your Children To Know History - Is history important? Is it relevant? Who cares about all those dates and names and wars anyway? Long ago God told his people through the prophet Isaiah to "remember the former things" (Isa. 46:9). God wants you to know history, and that for very specific reasons. Come and hear why it is so important to teach your children what has happened on this planet.
Room 212 BC     Calvin Smith - Answers in Genesis Canada
A Vision for Canada - Come and hear Calvin Smith (Executive Director and Speaker of Answers in Genesis Canada) share the vision of the Canadian ministry, it’s immediate goals, needs and the programs that will impact Christian Canadians now and for generations to come.  Topics will include The Legacy Project, a comprehensive initiative involving 1) resources to help equip children ages three to thirteen, 2) Answers Academy Apologetics Boot Camps for youth ages fourteen to eighteen, and 3) a mentorship/internship program for those entering University and seeking a career in science.  Want to find out more?  Attend this interactive session to learn how to be involved in seed sowing for the future! 
Room 213   Robert Chambers - Any Key Music
Playing Piano By Ear vs Reading Music - Before a child learns how to read English, it’s fair to say that by age four they should be able to speak it. Doesn’t that put the odds more in favour of them being able to read successfully? Sure it does.  Let’s apply this to music. When students are taught how to speak music first (which is Playing By Ear), the odds of their musical success will drastically increase. By the time they are to learn how to read music, they will already be familiar with the sound of music and how it works. Therefore seeing it on paper will only enhance their musical experience.
Room 210   Steven Martins - Ezra Institute
Cultural Apologetics For Our Day - The need to equip Christian families in cultural apologetics has never been greater. The West has long since steered from its Christian social order, the majority of the church knows not what it means to have a developed biblical worldview, and contemporary culture increasingly rejects the authority of God’s Word as it scorns our Christian cultural heritage. As God’s people we are called to educate our families to think consistently and in accordance with God’s Word, equipping them to defend and advance the truth, beauty and freedom of the Gospel of Christ in a pluralistic society.
Room 220       Bev Rempel - Excellent Resources
Reaching the Reluctant Writer the Write Way - “But, Mom!!!, I can’t write! I don’t know what to write!”  Do you have children (perhaps boys?) who do NOT want to write? Cannot write?  Does this bring tears to your eyes as you ponder HOW to TEACH your child to write? In this workshop you will learn tips to help you teach your student the skills of writing. Learn to empower your reluctant writers with concrete tools of HOW to WRITE. 
Room 224       Samantha Cameron - One Year Adventure Novel (OYAN) 
The Write Questions: Inspiring Kids to Write Through the Art of Storytelling - Story is an essential tool in getting kids to love writing. Fortunately, anyone can learn to create a compelling story—even kids who hate to write! Learn how to teach the basics of storytelling to your students by asking "The Write Questions." As we discuss the fundamental basics of every gripping story, we'll also look at what makes fiction an effective teaching tool, how to balance mechanics with imagination, and how to choose quality reading material. Story starters will help you jump-start your class. Your students will learn to be better storytellers, and in the process gain a remarkable skill: the ability to see the world through someone else's eyes.
More Exhibitor Workshops: Friday  3:20 - 4:05
Room 212 AD         Jason Lindsay - Young Entrepreneurs of North America
Overcoming Fears - In numerous places throughout the Bible, we are taught to “Fear Not”.  So why do we still do it?  Not to worry!  There is a company that was specifically created to help youth with this very challenge.  Join Jason Lindsay, the owner of Young Entrepreneurs of North America, as he explores this important topic. Learn about what causes fear, what the costs are, and how you can overcome fears, with the help of God.  Prepare for forty-five minutes of personal stories, humour, Scripture, eye-opening information, and practical advice.  You won’t be disappointed!  Parents and children are welcome, and encouraged, to attend this workshop.
Room 212 BC     Jacki Knight - Math-U-See
No More Tears - Math-U-See's goal is to help produce confident problem solvers who enjoy the study of math and can apply what they have learned in everyday situations. Math-U-See is a complete award winning K-12 math program which teaches math concretely taking away the "TEARS" making math fun!
Room 213     Sue Wright - Creation Ministries
Training Our Children to be Critical Thinkers in Science  - What is science and what are its limitations? Is scientific truth determined by majority rule? The focus of this workshop is to share strategies to teach your children how to avoid being taken captive by authoritative-sounding evolutionary teaching. What is the difference between empirical and “historical” science. What are the presuppositions that underlie our interpretations of evidence?
Room 210 Avril Simms - Classical Conversations
Cultivating a Love of Learning - Children are by nature little learners. In the years prior to formal education, no one has to tell them that it is time to learn. If we teach children according to the natural stages of their development, we can cultivate their love of learning throughout the entirety of their upbringing instead of turning them against it, as is so often the case. Come hear the basics of an education that will help your children to learn to love learning. 
Room 220      Diane Geerlinks - NILD
Back to the Basics - Teaching the 3 R's - What if you could be trained to understand the reading, writing and math fundamentals so you could pass on these skills to all of your children regardless of the curriculum you chose?  In this workshop, we will demonstrate and discover new concepts using the Socratic method of questioning and mediation. We will discuss how you, as parent educators, can be furthered trained in NILD Canada's Rx for Discovery Reading, Discovery Writing and Discovery Math so you can help your students succeed!
Room 224    Constance Cotter - RightStart Math
Math is More Than Just Numbers With RightStart Math - Poetry is beautiful because it has rhyme, reason, and pattern. Poetry paints a picture. It is so much more than letters, just as math is so much more than numbers. RightStart Math becomes poetry when it’s explored and understood. Do you see the patterns in math? Does math paint a picture? If you said no to these questions, you need to come and discover the beauty of math.
Workshops: Friday  4:15 - 5:15
Auditorium  Betsy Ray    MOMS
Life is a Bowl of Cherries - Life can be sweet, refreshing, and joyful. Do people see God’s joy in you? Not just strangers in the checkout line or friends. Do your children see God’s joy in you? Does your husband get refreshed by your joyful spirit? God gives us joy (Ecc. 2:26), He is our joy (Ps. 43:4). He commands us to be joyful (Phil. 4:4) and full of joy regardless of circumstances. God wants you to bear joy to your family. Come to be rejuvenated and encouraged to “rejoice in all to which you have put your hand, you and your” household (Deut. 12:7).
Room 212 AD    Woody Robertson     YOUTH
Study Like A Genius: Unlocking Your Brain  - All learning is founded on one key—the ability to take in information and then remember it. Most people are never taught how to effectively learn. Each school year, students spend countless hours studying, only to have the information seemingly disappear when they need it most. Whether a parent or student, in this interactive and practical session, you will learn how to use study tools such as speed reading and memory techniques which will radically change the way you learn.
Room 212 BC Peter Stock
HSLDA Canada Update - Homeschool Legal Defence Association of Canada (HSLDA) is dedicated to supporting your family during your homeschool adventure. Whether you’re a homeschool veteran or just starting out, HSLDA has you covered. Our members have peace of mind knowing that we are always advocating on their behalf. HSLDA is the only Canadian organization with the expertise to provide legal representation in disputes with school boards and provincial agencies. From legal services, insurance coverage to homeschooling advice and resources, our experienced team has what your family needs. Don’t wait until something happens, become a member with the most trusted homeschool organization in Canada. HSLDA: the partner in your homeschool success.
Room 213   Kirk Durston 
Cultivating A Strong Faith in Your Children - “Because lawlessness is increased, most people’s love will grow cold.” Christ’s prophecy is a warning to parents today to equip our children to spiritually thrive in the midst of a secular society. Practical suggestions will be given for three phases of our children’s lives, childhood, the transition to adulthood years, and young adults. The tips covered in this talk have been born out of real life experience. Suitable for both parents and older teens. Seminar notes will be designed to be downloaded and used as part of ones home education curriculum.
Room 210     Paula Maretzki
Anger: Every Family’s Secret Sin - How one family took the challenge to overcome anger in their home, once and for all - In this seminar, Paula will share openly and honestly what she calls every mom's (and dad's) secret sin - anger.   She will share her own struggle and how she dealt with it on a personal level and also within the family dynamic.  She will also describe the main reasons for anger, the impact of anger on a child, as well as the impact on a parent.  In addition to this, she will give a biblical basis for how we should handle our anger and also give some creative solutions on how to combat anger in our home.
Room 220   Sarah Jane Hobbs 
Charlotte Mason Method for the Older Student: Middle School and High School Aged – What does the CM education look like for these critical years?  Sarah has experimented over the years with many different daily routines and ways of implementing the CM style in her home, and feels she has finally found a strong and comfortable place as she facilitates the Charlotte Mason education of her children.  She hopes that she might be able to encourage some today, with ideas like ‘where to start?’ and ‘what are the big things?”.  She herself thought that CM education was mainly for the younger children, and would love the opportunity to share the importance of why and how your middle school and high school child are also fantastic candidates for the Charlotte Mason Method, even if it is new.  Learning is for life after all, so why would we ever stop?  Come for a relaxed conversation and to get inspired in what is sometimes otherwise a daunting methodology.   
Room 224   Matthew Turton
If You Don’t “Get It” You Can Forget It!  Listening & Reading Comprehension - Our ability to understand what is going on around us is a critical skill for academics and life. It’s not a hearing problem, but your child often needs instructions repeated. They read wonderfully, but can’t tell you what they just read. Matthew Turton, Director of Breakthroughs in Learning, Educational Therapist and best-selling author has over 20,000 hours working with children with learning and behaviour issues. You’ll learn how the brain responds to visual and auditory input and what you can do in the classroom to help students struggling with poor comprehension. Matthew will share real life stories, tips and strategies that you can use with your learners right away.
Dinner and Exhibitor Hall Shopping: Friday  5:15 - 7:15
General Session: Friday   7:15 - 8:30
Auditorium   Woody Robertson
Raising an Adult, Not a Child: A Solution for the Peter Pan Epidemic
In a world where The National Academy of Science redefined adolescence as extending to age thirty and unaccountability, entitlement, and apathy abound amongst young people, homeschoolers face an unprecedented opportunity to stand out. Be encouraged on the great opportunity and learn how to raise up men and women who are equipped and prepared for a successful adulthood.
Saturday, May 5, 2018
Session Titles & Descriptions
Opening and General Session: Saturday 8:30 - 9:45
Auditorium  Woody Robertson
Homeschool 2.0: A Fresh Look At Education - Basic academic knowledge is important, but will it prepare a student for success in their future employment? Is your student becoming a collaborator, a communicator, a critical thinker, a creator? Are they developing media, information, technology, life and career skills? When college professors and CEO’s are surveyed, they disagree greatly on how prepared a graduate is for life in the modern world. Come learn how to set up your student for success… beyond the curriculum.
Exhibitor Hall Opens: Saturday 9:00
Workshops: Saturday 10:15 - 11:15
Auditorium  Brian Ray   DADS
Nuture & Admonition - Not Pain & Provocation - You want your children to be the best in academics, spirituality, and physical health. You also want to have godly compassion for your children. In striving to lead his wife and eight children to "greatness," however, Brian has found that he can fall into the sin of provoking them. He'll use scripture and experience to address the way to combine high expectations with justice, mercy, and love. Especially for fathers. 
Room 212 AD   Betsy Ray
Sexuality, Predators & Safety - How can we teach our children God’s beautiful design and purpose for sexuality, protect their purity, AND prepare them to discern the evil around them without becoming hardened? Betsy will explain and give examples of a purposeful lifestyle framework that guides our conversations, decisions, priorities, and attitudes.
Room 212 BC     Jonathon Von Maren   YOUTH
Young Man-Quit Yourself Like A Man - 
Getting a Good Start - "Less is more" - New homeschoolers are often so eager to begin and get a good start, that they gather a heap of subjects/books to teach their little ones. Sometimes the result is an overwhelmed mother and/or overwhelmed children. Robin, (mother of ten) will share about how with just a little formal homeschooling, and a lot of fun and free play, new homeschoolers can get off to a good and enjoyable start on the homeschooling journey.
Room 210    Stacey Weeks    WOMEN & YOUNG WOMEN
Be Holy in All Your Conduct 1 Peter 1:13-16 - Does homeschooling exasperate your sinful tendencies? Do you find it difficult to obey the command toward holiness in your thoughts, feelings, and actions? You don’t need another session in building up your self-esteem, a pat on the back, or a shot of encouraging words. You need to know what it means to apply the truth of the gospel to every experience. You need to know and believe who you are in Jesus Christ, and you need practical tips on how to live out those truths during the emotionally charged moments of life. The command toward holiness in all our conduct seems like an impossible command, but to a regenerated person who has a new nature and in whom the Holy Spirit dwells, it becomes possible as we walk in submission to the Spirit.
Room 220   Sherine Boville 
Encouraging The Writing In Your Child -
Room 224   Single Parent's Discussion Group 
Lunch and Exhibitor Hall Shopping: Saturday 11:15 - 12:45
Afternoon Workshops: Saturday 12:45 - 1:45
Auditorium   Brian Ray
Just The Facts, Ma'am: Homeschooling Works - Summary of research on reasons for homeschooling, academic achievement, social development, and much more. Then a discussion of the philosophical and political uses and effects of research. Dr. Ray knows both topics inside and out. 


Room 212 AD    Jonathon Von Maren   YOUTH
The Sexual Revolution - It's Causes & Our Response - 
Room 212 BC   Woody Robertson   YOUTH
Eight Practical Steps To Life After High School: Training Starts Now - In a day when education standards have plummeted and the job industry is glutted with a lackluster and clogged employee base, there is tremendous opportunity for those with passion and skill. This information-packed session prepares students to launch into the next phase of life with vigor, excellence and confidence. Topics include: how to dress for success, creative conversation techniques, essential character qualities, time management, résumé and business building and more! Today’s activities and choices will either help or hinder future successes. Look out world—the next generation of leaders are on their way.
Room 213    Robin Herman        WIVES ONLY
Lies About Marriage & The Truth That Sets You Free, Homeschool Edition - Certain lies about marriage are made more tempting to embrace because of the extra responsibilities of homeschooling. Whether you are new to marriage and/or homeschooling, or a veteran of both, God’s Truth applied has the power to set you free in areas where you have felt trapped in marital discord. The content of this talk is geared toward wives and moms and is not suitable for teens.
Room 210    Alan Gilman
Teaching Your Children To Think Biblically - It is important to help our children develop the habit of daily Bible reading. But is that sufficient? Diligent Bible reading doesn’t automatically result in knowing how to effectively apply Scripture to our lives. Bible teacher and veteran homeschool father of ten, Alan Gilman, will share how you can train your children to think (and live) biblically.
Room 220  Area Rep's/Leaders' Workshop
Room 224  Vanessa Brobbel
Guiding With Grace: How To Shepherd Your Children Through Trials & Suffering - 
Exhibitor Hall Shopping: Saturday 1:45 - 2:15
More Workshops: Saturday 2:15 - 3:15


Auditorium    Woody Robertson   YOUTH
Now Calling All Entrepreneurs: Ten Musts For Starting & Growing Successful Businesses - This session is for those who think outside of the box, take risks and are not afraid to put their creative juices to work. Hear stories of entrepreneurs who started small and built wildly successful businesses. We’ll cover the fundamentals of entrepreneurialism and discover ten musts for starting and growing a successful business. 
Room 212 AD   Brian Ray  DADS
Loving & Leading - Husbands and fathers, it is time to love and lead now. Like Christ loves the church. Nurture and admonish your children but do not provoke them. Is all of this possible? Yes. But what can you do? Brian will give you pointed challenges, down-to-earth examples, laughter, and practical ideas to see your marriage grow from glory to glory in God’s good and exciting will. He will help and encourage you with scripture, his own experiences, and what he has learned during thirty-four years of marriage and the upbringing of eight children.
Room 212 BC    Justin & Sadie Breg
Until: A Discussion On Relationships, Commitment, and Desires - The list, the one, the pursuit, the heart, the heartbreak, the approach, the boundaries, the direction, the point, the Bible.  Let’s talk about them.  How can we initiate, navigate, and evaluate relationships in a way that honours God and each other?  Please Note: This discussion is geared towards young adults and youth ages 16+.